The Other Ones EP - out now in the US -

Eating away at my soul…..

Why are memories trapped inside our head?

Why can’t we just erase or forget the hurt? 

I keep playing the scene over and over in my head…. I can’t cry or slit my wrists, it wouldn’t amount to the emotional pain i endure every time i close my eyes… 

How do moments just take over us? or consume us? how do we break away from what breaks us? How can I take every “I’m sorry” you have ever said and build a time machine that would help unbreak my heart? 

Its not what you did, its what everybody saw you do to me. It’s how every time I appear in public i have to fake a smile and pretend that everything they witnessed was dead and gone…. 

Some days are better than others….

Some days alcohol is better than others. 

Some days I wish that God had given me the power to forget rather than to forgive… 

How long before it breaks me, takes over me, condemns me. 

How will i live when my soul is dead?. 

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